5 Ways to Boost Your Site’s Ranking in Under an Hour

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Are you all set to launch your new website? Congrats! All that you need to do now is bring people to visit your website. In order to get your website to rank high in search engines, like Google and Yahoo, you need to provide quality content and do a bit of Search Engine Optimization as well.

There are so many websites loaded on the internet today, there’s nothing to guarantee your ranking first in the search result. But there are a few ways through which you can increase your site’s ranks in a search engine.

Learning about search engine optimization from SEO Girl Powa and implementing them on your website can help you with your SEO.

Here are some simple ways to help you improve your sites ranking in less than an hour:

  1. Find the right URL for your website

You need to select the right URL for your website before it goes live. Your URL is the domain name or the web address that users will type in their search field to find their way to your website. Just like any signboard on a crowded street, a domain name is one that directs the visitors to your website.  This is also the initial field that any search engine will look into for ranking the website.

The ideal domain name must include a fair amount of keywords and the business name. You can simply make your organization title as your URL for easy access. Make sure that your domain name is free of any special characters, page IDs, or any hashbangs. Choose a domain name that’s simple and easy to be accessed.seo-1910521_960_720

  1. Give your page attractive titles and descriptions

Every new page of your website can have different titles and descriptions. When a user visits your web site, they get to look at the initial page filled with texts, description, images, and more. Only when the texts and the descriptions are catchy, the visitor will proceed with your website.

Some websites even have short phrases popping out when you move your cursor across; they are very essential elements that help in SEO. The title and description of the webpage are the initial things that a search engine will look into in order to rank them in their search results. Always make sure your webpages has catchy headlines relevant to your service or business.

  1. Make use of anchor texts

While making contents for your website, you can make use of anchor texts as well. Anchor texts are nothing but keywords that are hyperlinked. When you click the anchor text, it gets redirected to another relevant website related to the keyword itself.

The anchor text can redirect the user to another page on the same site or to an entirely new website. You can effectively make use of anchor texts to redirect your users to exactly what they are looking for. For instance, SEO Girl Powa has a number of anchor texts redirecting to links on the same website.seo-896175_960_720

  1. Make your images easily recognizable

Search engines always read the texts that appear on your webpage. But what happens to all those fancy images? The search engines aren’t advanced enough to survey the images. However, you can make your images recognizable by adding “alt text” to them. The search engines would scan through the alt text to determine what’s actually in present in the image. So make sure that you upload appropriate alt texts for all the images on your website.

  1. Choose the right header for your site structure

Whenever your website is scanned by a search engine, they pass through contents in a text hierarchy. A text hierarchy is one in which the texts are arranged based on a particular order, where the title comes first followed by sub headings, then the content is followed by other texts in the webpage.

SEO Girl Powa states that the most important part of your website is the title, and you need to give it the highest priority. Only with these texts can the search engine rank your website in their results.

These 5 simple steps can help you with search engine ranking, but it’s up to you to develop a quality website. You can’t simply optimize an unfinished website for good SEO. Make sure you focus on quality and take your website to the next level with these simple SEO tips.

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