How Creativity Helps in Establishing Succesful Individuals

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Creative individuals can amaze people with the wide plethora of their talents. They can don several hats at the same time which would seem unrealistic from the view of commoners but they are true. Creative people find different means to express their creativity. It may not necessarily stick to one medium. For example a poet can also be equally good as a lyricist, or even a good filmmaker or a painter can also become a renowned writer. In fact you would often see many creative people brilliantly performing in different roles.

One of the most renowned creative directors in the advertising industry of the United States, Joseph Cianciotto is also a celebrated architect. Cianciotto graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a degree in Visual Communications. He started his career with a job in the advertising industry as a creative director. He is also an architect based in the San Francisco Bay Area. His long tenure of working in the advertising industry has made him an expert in the field of work. He is even very efficient in managing team and ensuring productive teamwork.

On the personal front, he takes interest in a wide number of different things like sports, music, movies, books other interesting activities. He is quite different from regular working professionals and this is what has been helping him to remain at the helm of an industry that demands high level of creativity. Interestingly he doesn’t just love movies but takes time out of his hectic work schedule to discuss movies. Cianciotto has a separate Twitter account for only tweeting about his favorite movies every week. He loves to engage with the subjects of his interest.

Joe Cianciotto also has keen interest in design and is fascinated by the artistry of spaces. His creative senses were deeply inspired when he saw the works of Frank Lloyd Wright to the extent that he took up architecture as his career. His varied interests have, over the years, inspired him and his work. His designs have been highly influenced by modernism, postmodernism, and neo-futurism.

Cianciotto takes great interest in latest developments in consumer electronics and gadgets. He even effectively uses the latest technologies in enriching his architecture. He loves to show the beauty that lie in ordinary spaces and humble places, and creating beautiful architectural places. With his creativity he makes the place an extraordinary place to live in.

One of the qualities of noted leaders and other successful people is that they share their knowledge. Joe did not restrict his love for architecture till making it a career choice but he writes articles on architecture. What inspired him and motivates him to create beautiful pieces of architecture must also be known to others and so he shares his knowledge with the world through his articles. Joe wants to see things from a different perspective because he believes changing one’s perspective results in developing more creative ideas. He has made use of rapidly developing technologies by using drones to take spectacular images of the buildings that he has been working on.

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