Routine AC Maintenance Benefits

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Many people in the Greater Charlotte region are beginning to use their air conditioners more often as summer turns to spring. It doesn’t matter if your HVAC unit has been around for a while or is a classic that has provided reliable service for many decades, it’s important to inspect and maintain it on a regular basis. an aircon service company that specializes in Air Conditioning Servicing & Aircon Installations in Singapore, is a great choice.

Routine AC Maintenance Benefits in Charlotte, NC

1. Provides Better Air Quality

An HVAC technician who is familiar with your system can remove dirt and particles from the HVAC unit. This particulate matter can build up and cause damage to your HVAC system. If this happens, it may require additional cleaning or extra expense.

2. Energy Efficiency Increased

Inspecting and cleaning the cooling coils and blades is part of the maintenance process. Coils that are cleaned on a regular basis can provide cooler temperatures and greater energy savings than those that don’t get maintenance at least once a year. You will save money on your energy bills and remain cooler when temperatures rise.

3. Greater Comfort

The preventative maintenance visit involves skilled technicians inspecting all components of the air conditioner. Any potential problems or irregularities that may be present can be identified by the technicians. You will enjoy uninterrupted comfort inside your home if your system is running smoothly.

4. Reduced need for costly repairs and service calls

Although it may seem like an inconvenience, regular maintenance of heat pumps and air conditioners is a worthwhile appointment. The maintenance checkup is similar to a dentist or doctor checkup. It allows HVAC professionals make sure your unit is in its best possible condition. You can replace any worn or damaged parts before they cause damage to other components or hinder the unit’s operation. It is possible to save money by taking preventative measures now.

5. Increases the life expectancy of your system

Your system will perform at its best during its entire life span if you do preventative maintenance. This is especially important in regions like the Carolinas, where units can be subject to cold winters and hot, humid Summers. Regular maintenance is key to ensuring that one of your largest investments in your home runs efficiently and effectively.

Increase the longevity of your system

An AC tune-up is expensive. What costs more? A new air conditioner. Your goal as a homeowner is to get the most out of your air conditioner before it needs to be replaced.

Air conditioners typically last 12-20 years. The reason for the large range of lifespans? Part of the reason is maintenance. The system will be more worn down if it has been subject to years of dirt and grime buildup.

The entire system is at risk if you don’t replace the failing parts. A tune-up will not make your AC last forever. It will prolong your system’s life expectancy, but not as much.

Let’s go back to the car analogy. How many years will your car last without an oil change or tune-up? Most likely not.

Many homeowners are shocked when their air conditioner stops working after a decade. This is despite the fact that they have never scheduled preventative maintenance. Tune-ups are very important.

Preventative maintenance is important, but it’s more than that. If your air conditioner isn’t maintained every year, it will have to work harder to cool your home. This means that your air conditioner will use more energy, wear and tear, and runtime. All this adds up to “mileage” for your air conditioner.

Keep your warranty valid

This is something that you may not have known: Your new air conditioner comes with a manufacturer warranty.

Although the details of each warranty are different from one system to another, the majority provide coverage for critical AC components (like the compressor) for many years. This covers you against the possibility of a malfunctioning or faulty component that could cause system bricking.

You might not realize it, but most manufacturer warranties require that you have an annual professional check-up to maintain coverage. You could lose your warranty coverage if you miss a year.

The manufacturer only wants to protect systems that have been properly maintained by homeowners (via an HVAC technician). You should make every effort to keep your warranty coverage intact. It could save you thousands down the line.