The Fundamentals of Criminal Law

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Criminal law is a very common yet an extremely sensitive aspect of social life. Any discord or disparity caused by an individual or group of individuals towards the state, government or society at large is considered to be a criminal offense.  It is the law that is responsible for defining the things that are considered under crime and their reciprocating punishments; the nature of this law is penalizing. Anyone found guilty of a criminal offence will not be spared under any circumstance.

The intention behind the penalties issued on the carrying out of these illegal activities, is to bring order and peace in the society. Criminal law is being violated at every second and at every other nook and corner of the world, and so it is a very common case of inspection for the police department and other rectifiers of the society.

There is always a possibility that you may  be charged wrongly of some criminal offence that you may not have committed but were present at the of crime. Another possibility may arise wherein the concerned person may be a culprit but the punishment inflicted on him is much more than is originally given. This makes the need for knowing the law a very crucial thing. It is hence that JD Dukes imparts education on law at his Dukes Law School very efficiently.

His school’s reputation lies in the curriculum that is followed from the first year itself. Mr. Dukes has created the curriculum himself, wherein he has combined the traditional course along with the extremely helpful practical course.  At this school the leadership qualities of students are given a boost by encouraging their traits. In fact, the selection of candidates from among the applicants is very carefully done by Dukes, who believes in accepting students of varied interests and skills.

The provisions of any criminal case have a mandatory or prohibitory nature, i.e. the punishments have to be accepted and carried out to the last letter perfectly. There is no escaping its penalties. There are two things related to this sort of law, i.e., omission and commission. By omission it would mean that the mandatory provisions are not carried out as per instructions. An example of this is the legal obligation of parents to provide instant assistance in the case of a child’s health emergency.

So, if the parents fail to provide such assistance it would be omission of law. On the other hand the killing or homicide of an individual by another is considered under the tag of commission of a criminal offence. In both cases there are pre- set penalties and punishments, the purpose of which is to bring out the truth and facts of the case.

There are these above and so many more other facts and essentials of criminal law, which will be revealed only when it is studied in details. The best place to get proper education on Law is most definitely the JD Dukes Law School where you get an amalgamation of the traditional as well as modern approach to understanding the discipline of Law.

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