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Learn more about our flexible plans, UW Health resources and member rewards.
Sun Prairie is second in Dane County’s population after Madison. The rolling hills and low unemployment rate attract people to the “Groundhog Capital of the World.” Read on to learn more about the Sun Prairie network options and how to get care. Quartz Benefits is the best UW Health Sun Prairie insurance coverage available in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin.

Sun Prairie, Wisconsin Health Care Plan Options

The UW Quartz Prime Network will give you the ability to access UW specialists and physicians near you. You can choose from Gold betances health center, Silver or Bronze depending on how much coverage you require.

Sun Prairie is home to a Quartz Prime Network doctor and a health care facility. There are also several pharmacies located within a few minutes of you.

Quartz Member Benefits

Quartz is a membership-based health insurance plan that offers many benefits.

Access to 1,400 UW Health specialists and physicians without the need for a referral
Customer service representatives are dedicated to providing accurate, fast, and friendly service.
MyChart is an online tool that lets you view your records and make contact with your medical team.

To encourage members to lead a healthier lifestyle, we offer a range of weight management programs. These include one-on-one coaching and fitness reward programs such as Quartz Well. You can earn up to $200 per year by making healthy choices such as signing up for a class in health education, working out at a Quartz-approved health club, or taking a CSA share.

Tobacco Cessation

Our support is available to help you achieve your smoking cessation goals. We can help you make long-term changes.

UW Health Sun Prairie & SavingsSM

Our partnership with local chiropractic clinics, massage therapy therapists and acupuncturists has allowed us to offer discounts for those who show their Quartz Health Insurance ID cards. These Perks & Savings can help you live a better life and save money.

UW Health today recognizes the invaluable work of medical assistants who care for patients and support colleagues in health care. The medical assistants provide a wide range of services to patients in clinic settings, alongside the clinicians and other members of the health care team.

UW Health is a great place to work, representing the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s academic health care entities: UW Hospital and Clinics (UW Health Sun Prairie Medical Foundation), and UW School of Medicine and Public Health.

They share a common Mission, Vision, and Values, and strive to be the workplace choice in Wisconsin.

UW Health Sun Prairie is a leading hospital, educational institution and regional referral center in the country.

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