What to Expect during an HVAC System Installation

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Depending on the heating and cooling loads of your home, HVAC systems can last for 15-20 years. No matter how long it takes, eventually you will need to replace the entire system.

This is often the most difficult task for homeowners, especially if it’s their first time. You might be wondering what the process is like, how much it will cost, and all the other details involved in installing an HVAC system. Are you in search of reliable air conditioner service in Singapore? We offer aircon services that are qualified. Singapore Aircon Service Company with highly skilled technicians with years of experience in the air-con industry. We also offer a range of services like repair, chemical cleaning, installation and maintenance contract.

This article will explain what you can expect and how to prepare your house for the job. Continue reading to learn the basics of HVAC installation.

1. What is the best time to install a HVAC system?

There is no right time to install an HVAC system. You don’t want the HVAC system to be installed in a hurry. HVAC installation can be done at any time of year, even in moderate climates.

2. Hire A Reliable HVAC Technician

It is not difficult to install HVAC systems. Professional guidance can help you do it. This is a large investment and you want it to be flawless.

A reliable HVAC contractor will deliver satisfactory results. You should take the time to interview at least four professionals. To ensure they are genuine and current, verify their certifications and licensing.

Compare their quotes, experience, professionalism, and professionalism to make sure you are working with the best. Remember that the installation crew will be at your house during the entire process. You want to make sure they are comfortable in your home.

3. What happens before installation?

Once you have selected the right contractor, they will measure the area where your installation is to be completed. They can also do load calculations and recommend the size HVAC system that is best for you.

This is crucial as the HVAC size will determine whether your home is comfortable or not. Incorrect size of your HVAC system can lead to premature system wear, high energy bills, inconsistency and inconsistency.

The location of your home, the construction materials used, its size, accessibility to trees and exposure to sunlight are all factors that your contractor will take into consideration. These factors will have an impact on the Heating Load Worth (HLW), of your home.

4. Preparing Your Home For Installation

To make it easier for contractors, move all of your valuable furniture to a safe location.

To protect valuables, you might also consider placing a dustcover over heavy furniture and appliances.

5. During Installation

Depending on the unique features of your home, a new HVAC installation can take up to three days. Before installing a new HVAC system, the installation crew will first remove the old one. They will also inspect for potential problems and other factors that could hinder the installation.

The contractor will inspect the ductwork for any dirt or debris. Contractors will also inspect and clean the airflow and remove obstructions.

6. Approximate Cost Of Installation

For system fitting, HVAC systems cost from $4,820 to $9,050. The total cost of HVAC installation may range from $6,820 to $12,350 if your ductwork needs to be replaced.

Installation costs are affected by factors such as:

  • Your home’s size
  • Condition of the ductwork
  • The number of doors and windows
  • Insulation and quality of the electrical system
  • Install HVAC System Fast and Flawlessly

Every home should have an HVAC system. It is not a good idea to have your heating, cooling and ventilation systems fail at an incontinence.

Things to Expect during Hvac Installation

Get Your Home Ready

Before the installation crew arrives, you can do many things. You can move valuable items, such as antiques or irreplaceable keepsakes, to a safer location far from the installation site. Contractors may be reluctant to help move fragile items as they don’t want to be held responsible in an accident. Do not allow pets or children to visit the installation site.

Request an estimate

To maximize efficiency, you should replace the whole HVAC system even if one component is not in need of repair. Your property will determine the size of your HVAC system. Ask your contractor for details.

Locate a Technician

Four estimates should be obtained from reliable HVAC contractors for HVAC repairs. You should compile a list with trusted, licensed and insured HVAC contractors in your local area. Schedule a visit to each of them to discuss your project proposal.

Find the right model and size

Research your area’s requirements before you buy an HVAC system replacement. A unit that is too small for your property will result in higher utility bills and inefficiency.