What’s more fun than a scavenger hunt? How about a video scavenger hunt!

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What could be more fun than a scavenger hunting? A video scavenger hunting is also possible! Grapevine.de offers a variety of entertainment Schatzsuche services which can be downloaded direct to host fun events, kids’ birthday parties, as well as happy gatherings.

What is a video scramble?

Video scavenger hunts require you to find items and complete challenges. You can use video to show proof of your discovery or capture the end of the challenge.

Smartphones have changed the way people spend their time and engage in various activities. People of all ages enjoy scavenger hunts. Anyone who tells you otherwise is probably not a Scavenger Hunt participant. They can be more fun as adults than they were when you were a child.

Get Started with a Video Scavenger hunt

What should you do if you are interested in a video scavenger hunting?

First, you must decide how you want it to be done, what type of challenges you are looking for, what items you would like to see, who will be involved and when.

Although it may sound daunting, it is actually quite simple.

This guide will help you plan the perfect video scavenger hunting. We’ll show you how to choose the right tools and give you examples.

Let’s start by talking about how to plan your video scavenger hunt.

How to plan a video scavenger hunt?

Groups of any size and type will enjoy scavenger hunts. When planning your hunt, you’ll need to consider your group.

How many people will play?

You might not want to give too many clues if you have many players. Otherwise, the game could take several hours.

Also, think about why you are doing the hunt. For example, the type of video clues that you use to train employees might differ from those used for a sightseeing scavenger hunting while on vacation.

Video Scavenger Hunt To-Do List

How do you make a video scavenger hunting? You should add:

Select the right scavenger hunting app/platform. This is the best choice for video hunts. This app and platform will organize all your data, upload and capture videos, allow you to interact with them using comments and likes, and let other teams see them.

Make a list of challenges. You can decide how many items or challenges you would like to include on your list. Decide the purpose and tone of the challenges. They should be entertaining, creative, encourage exploration, encourage interaction, reinforce learning about topics, and be related to work.

Invite your participants. You can decide how many people will participate and whether the hunt is competitive or fun for everyone.

These are some important tips to remember

Also, ensure that everyone has a smartphone that can download the app you’ll use to take the videos. The apps that are available today are universally accessible and easy to use.

Plan your hunt by deciding where you will be hunting (in person or remotely) and the exact location. It’s important to consider the time of day, as well as whether recording is allowed in certain areas. However, this is not usually an issue for public. While some locations are more suitable for hunting than others, smartphones can be used to record videos almost anywhere.

You need to decide if you will do this remotely with your team. Although most people won’t be able to stay after work to play, it is possible to make it part of your regular workday. It is important to make your hunt fun and accessible. This defeats the purpose of the hunt.