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Andy and I have been to countless birthday parties for children in New York over the years. Here are some observations. We get asked a lot for our advice. We’ve been to many parties that didn’t adhere to these rules, but they were all wonderful experiences. Everyone is different. Here are some suggestions if you need some help deciding where to start. Grapevine provides a variety of concept Escape games. There is something for everybody! There are treasure hunts that children will enjoy and questions and murder mysteries that are suitable for adults. We also have special products for seasonal celebrations such as Halloween, Christmas Easter, Summer, and Christmas.

1. Breathe.

Keep in mind that this is a celebration of the last year of your family’s lives. You made it! This is especially important if your child’s age is young. Do what you enjoy, and stop trying to impress others. Parents can become anxious and stressed about whether the party will be a success. Instead, it should be fun. You can take a deep breath, remember that the time and money you spend on planning your party is a reflection your love for your child. Maybe you will enjoy it more.

2. Plan according to your priorities.

There are many ways to throw an event, and each one is valid.

You don’t have to spend a lot. Be creative! You can find cheap thrills kids will love. Bubbles are a powerful tool. Blower up some balloons and then let your children play with them. Let them play on the floor by securing bubble wrap. Play freeze dance. You can make musical instruments from toilet paper rolls and oatmeal boxes. Stickers are a great way to decorate them. You can make a play gym using large cardboard boxes and duct tape. Then let your kids decorate it with markers.

3. You must be able to focus.

You are responsible for creating the activity plan. Here’s a tip: Take each step one at a. It’s not a good idea to have a set timeline. This will lead to stress if things don’t go according to plan. If they have only one choice at the moment, kids are more likely to engage in what you plan for them. Toys left out at parties can make it difficult for children to put them down. They might also miss out on something that they would enjoy if they were not distracted. You might set up a station with crayons, playdough, and other items that are easy to clean at the beginning. This will provide something for your guests to do while you wait, and allow you to shift the focus to the next activity. It is much more fun to bring out things when they are new. This is why it is important to give them structure.

4. You can expect that something will go wrong.

Accept that things may not go as planned. You might be surprised at how many guests arrive later than you expected. You can expect your child to not nap, will chew on their heads, be teething, or have a good time. There will be drama with the in-laws and with the cake order. Sometimes, the birthday child is the one who has the most fun at the party. You can look at the bigger picture and see that there are many more birthdays ahead. Your memory of this event is likely to be stronger than theirs. You are completely in control of so much of this experience. If it doesn’t go according to plan, you won’t have many good stories or laughable moments later.

5. Prepare for what you can control.

This list will help to lessen anxiety and make the party more enjoyable.

Always have at least one lighter handy. Because this is something that’s often overlooked, I have even begun bringing one to birthday parties. You should also know that candles can be difficult to light outside parties so don’t assume it will stay lit for the whole birthday song.

When you have hired performers or help, make sure to put the money in an envelope and ask a friend or relative to distribute it. It is likely that you will be too busy to talk to your friends, cut the cake, or change diapers for them when they leave.

6. Enjoy yourself.

It is amazing how quickly time passes. It doesn’t matter what happens on the day of your party, how you feel, or what happens during the night, just take some time to enjoy it. You can even ask someone to pull you aside once during the party, reminding you to look around. You are so blessed to be able to celebrate something with people you love. Take a deep breath.

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