Back to School Shopping for Less

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If you are getting excited for back to school, or rather, for the fact that your child is about to head back to free daycare, you are likely also dreading the added cost right now of sending a child back to school. Every single teacher has a syllabus that requires investing in different supplies, so just how are you supposed to make ends meet when you’re busy buying 3”, 1.5” and .5” 3-ring binders, alongside graph paper, college-ruled paper, graphite mechanical pencils, and all the other items that go along with back to school shopping?

The answer to surviving back to school shopping on a budget lies in a new partnership between Groupon and AliExpress. Rather than walk into your local school supplies retailer and buy up everything you can find for full retail prices, just go online and utilize the discounts and coupons offered by Groupon.

For example, right now Groupon and AliExpress are offering 20% off today’s deals, but also 94% off of the most popular products. All you have to do is access the partnership page between Groupon and AliExpress and you’ll start saving huge sums of money. It’s kind of a no brainer that you’ll want to take advantage of.

Rather than pay out huge sums of money on back to school gear, take advantage of all of the great deals that exist out there and start saving money. This way all that money you save on childcare by having the kids back in school isn’t eaten up right away by school supplies. Instead, you can save that money for something truly memorable, like a family vacation around the holidays, or the holiday gifts you have always wanted to give.

Groupon and AliExpress understand that you want to find the best deals out there, and they do their best to provide that opportunity. Take advantage of the deals Groupon and AliExpress offer by checking back regularly, since the deals on their page are updated regularly. You’ll love having access to all of these fantastic deals on offer from Groupon and AliExpress.

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