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SKEMA is a community that fosters learning and promotes the exchange of management knowledge and practices. Skema school was founded in 1995 and has grown to be a global skema school that offers a variety of programs contentness in English and French. These programmes are available at all levels, from undergraduate to doctorate, and they align with Bologna’s higher education norms (Licence/Master, Doctorate).

Skema School Research

Our mission is to prepare our students for their future careers as responsible and competent professionals. Our faculty members blair technology are expected to share their research activities with students as soon as possible. This will allow wamsutta towels them to gain the benefits of our insights and knowledge. From entry-level to PhD programs, our programmes help develop research awareness and skills.


Students from all programs and countries can get support in finding work through our careers service.

These are the main components of this support:

  • Personal branding

Assistance with writing a resume, matching strengths and skills to employer needs during the interview pitch and when drafting the cover letters. Mastering professional skills in different situations.

  • Making a career plan

To transfer an interest in a subject into a career plan, it is important to understand the various careers associated with each program. You can also use any alumni network to do this.

Services for students

For assistance and information, please contact the Front Office

Access to skema school Extranet with student testimonials, contacts, and practical information

Students associations dedicated to welcoming and integrating international students.

French language tests are required to ensure students can enroll in a French language program at the right level.

Show les Services for housing

Skema school Business assists its students, both current and future, in finding accommodation via its Housing Service.

Our housing guide

For newly enrolled students, the Welcome Pack (ID sent to you by email by the school after admission declaration) is available.

  • For continuing students, you can access the YEP portal (Your Education Portal).
  • Use our housing platform for access to many offers
  • Via the official Facebook Group: SKEMA Housing

Six campuses have been established by skema school Business so far: Lille (France), Paris la Defense(France), Sophia Antipolis, Suzhou (Jiangsu – China), Raleigh (North Carolina – USA), Belo Horizonte (“Mina Gerais” – Brazil).

Sport facilities

Sport is an integral part of education at skema school Business. It is important to be able to work in a team; dynamism, endurance and dynamism are essential qualities for executive leaders of tomorrow.

Our students can choose from 17 different sports. Skema school Business participates in many sporting competitions.

The Sports Department offers a variety of activities, including:

Aerobics, badminton, basketball, dance, mountain climbing, football, golf, handball, swimming, rugby, tennis, trampoline, sailing, etc…

We also have teams in golf, yachting, and mountain biking.

Clubs for students

There are over 65 student clubs and societies on French campuses. You can take part in campus life by enrolling in one these student societies. The clubs are designed to help students learn managerial skills as well as to practice the subjects they have studied.

It will be a rich experience to be a student at SKEMA.

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