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Technology Partnership Opportunities

Blair Technology Solutions is an IT company that creates custom IT solutions for unique infrastructure environments. Their core competency is in designing and implementing customized solutions that allow all clear plumbing organizations to optimize their on-premise IT infrastructure, so they can concentrate on growing their business. This allows organizations to manage multiple IT systems efficiently, while meeting different operational needs. The company employs a highly skilled technical staff, as well as engineers who are committed to providing the best IT solutions and services.

Blair Technology Solutions

Blair Technology Solutions is one of the recognized financial technology partners leaders in the Greater Cincinnati Enquirer. Its primary objective is to “build a community where partners, clients, and employees can find a way to improve through the creation a network of trusted, mutually loyal partners.” This has been achieved by using a variety of strategies. Marketing best practices at the company are to provide high-quality service to customers. It strives to encourage teamwork among its customers. The network’s primary goal is to improve the client satisfaction, as well as increase productivity and enhance overall organizational functionality.

Blair’s marketing best practices include a commitment to improving customer experience and providing the best IT services. This strategy is geared towards meeting the diverse needs of Greater Cincinnati and its surrounding areas. This goal was identified by the Greater Cincinnati Enquirer as a leader.

A top workplace environment is a key way to improve customer satisfaction and profitability. This goal was developed in collaboration with a variety of people who represent the various populations the company serves.

Blair CEO Jim Bolduc stated that Blair technology allows them to do more with less and generate more revenue annually. This will allow us to support more innovative and comprehensive marketing strategies. Bolduc said, “The by-the mar summit in new improved ways to enhance customer experience while increasing productivity & lowering costs has been an important priority for us for many decades.” Bolduc said, “We will continue to serve the whole population in ways that they want and require us.” He also stated that we would make the world a better place to work.

Microsoft Licensed Blair Technology

Microsoft licensed technology is also available to the company, which allows clients to use Microsoft Office products alongside their Blair technology. Scott Thiel, senior vice-president of marketing and research at Microsoft, stated that Blair’s dedication to providing the best on-demand information management solution was a major factor in our industry leadership. Blair’s dedication to finding cost-effective and innovative ways to use Microsoft licensed technology has also been a key northside plumbing component of our long-term success.” Blair now boasts over 200 technology partner networks, with nearly 21,000 software licensing agreements.

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