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Oxnard is home to both professional boxingscene as well as young hopefuls who are eager to fight in the ring. Hugo Centeno Jr., Robert Garcia and Fernando Vargas are all boxing champions. Victor Ortiz, Vasyl Lomachenko, and Robert Garcia Jr. were born here. The tournament features over 650 young boxers hoping to win the top prize. It is no surprise that the city has been called “Boxnard.”

Do you want to experience the “Boxnard” true experience? This guide will cover:

  • Boxing Culture in Oxnard
  • For kids and teens, the Oxnard PAL boxingscene program
  • The Boxing Influence on Art Scene
  • Where to box in Oxnard

Local Spotlight: Hugo Centeno Jr. is a professional boxingscene champion who lives in Oxnard. He enjoys dining at H.C. After the gym, you can find seafood at Fisherman’s Wharf. He loves to watch the boats pass by while he is sitting near the water.

Our 2020 Oxnard Visitors Guide also features the Oxnard-born pro boxer.

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Oxnard is home to many professional boxers. It also has an established boxing program that is accredited by the Amateur Athletic Boxing Federation. The Oxnard Police Activities League hosts Boxingscene for boys and girls aged 9-18. Two gyms are available for kids:

  • PAL Mid City Boxing Gym – 350 South K Street
  • La Colonia Boxing Gym – 520 East First Street

In 2019, hundreds of people came together to compete in the Oxnard PAL Boxingscene contest, which served as an Olympic qualifier.


Terrell Harrison, Oxnard’s Community Services Manager and State and National PAL Board member, said that Oxnard is a Boxingscene neighborhood.

Boxing gives Oxnard residents a sense pride, as they have come to expect these events. He says it puts Oxnard’s name on the international map.

You should be aware that this is not a one-off competition. The top prize has been won by 650+ boxers representing 34 states in previous years. These events are live-streamed with approximately 62,000 viewers.

Another reason to visit Oxnard is the fact that it’s so beautiful.

Harrison says that Oxnard has a rich history and culture that promotes boxing. We are known for being the nation’s hub for boxing. You may not want the Cubs to be your professional baseball team, but you will want to play at Wrigley Field, Chicago, if you are interested in becoming a professional player. Oxnard is a boxing equivalent to Wrigley Field.


Boxing has a far-reaching influence beyond the ring. A utility box on Sixth & A Streets features a vinyl wrap tribune boxing. Andrea Mendoza, a local graphic artist, created the “Boxnard” art piece.

Behind 333 W. 4th Street is “Dinastia Garcia”, a mural inspired by boxing by Huicho Le. Huicho Le, a California native, creates art to “bring honor and respect to the indigenous community.”


Do you want to train like a pro? These are the world-class gyms for boxing in Oxnard.