Expert Tips to Make Your Air Conditioner Perform Better

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It’s vital that your air conditioner performs at its best every day. Australia is setting new climate records every year. A new air conditioner offers more than heating and cooling. It features advanced technology and a variety of smart features. It can provide the best in temperature control, cost savings, and sleek modern design. A Singapore-based aircon service provider, specializes in Air Conditioning Service and Aircon Installations. They are able to handle the entire range of air conditioning units.

There are many things you can do that will increase the efficiency of your unit and prolong its lifespan. These expert tips will help you make your split, multi-split, or ducted air conditioner system work better.

Cooling is a smart business decision

Although it may sound obvious, air conditioner efficiency can be improved by cooling only the rooms that are needed. You should only use the zone settings if you have a central ducted system. If you have a different type of system, make sure to close the doors between cooled or uncooled rooms. Also, if one of your rooms is very warm or cold, turn on a fan-only setting. This will help to conserve energy.

Ventilate your home by switching off heat sources such as lights and printers.

Remember that the thermostat can be set to a lower temperature than you intended. This could result in your power bills increasing by 10% for every degree you have set it. The difference between outside and inside temperatures will also affect how much electricity you use. It is recommended that you set the thermostat at 24 to 26 degrees Celsius in summer.

Heating is a smart business.

Remember that the temperature difference between inside and outside temperature is important. In winter, it’s best to set it at 18-20 degrees Celsius.

You can reduce heat loss by closing all windows and doors, and focusing heating strategies in the most used rooms. You can also improve the performance of your air conditioner by closing any drafts. Weather strips and door snakes can be used to stop heat from escaping. Your home’s ability to heat can be affected by the efficiency of your air conditioner system. You can heat your home by sealing ducts using duct sealant or metalbacked tape.

A reverse cycle air conditioner equipped with an automated defrost cycle will also help with efficient heating. Because your system will heat inside in winter, it will also cool outside. The outdoor unit’s refrigerant coil can reach temperatures below 10 degrees Celsius if you live in a cold area. This can cause moisture to freeze, causing frost and ice buildup. Your unit will monitor both the indoor temperature and the temperature of the coil outside. The unit will start a defrost cycle if the coil temperature drops too low.

Maintain the maintenance

Another important tip for air conditioner owners is to maintain it well. It is important to inspect your filters on a monthly basis, especially during high usage periods. A dirty filter can slow down airflow and make it work harder. Filters should be changed at least once every three months.

A healthy air flow is essential to a system’s efficiency. Therefore, indoor unit grilles must be cleaned frequently to remove any dust. Indoor units should not be blocked by curtains, furniture, or plants. Also, make sure to clear out outdoor units of leaves and dust. This will cause the compressor to work harder and result in higher energy consumption and running costs.

Use the settings

It’s important to understand the functions of your air conditioner in order to make it work correctly. Most air conditioners have an Economy mode, which can maintain a moderate temperature. Some even have human sensors that automatically switch the system to energy saving mode if there is no movement in the room.

Programmable thermostats and timing devices are also helpful as they can cut down on the time a unit is running. You can have your unit switched on before it gets too hot outside. This will maximize its efficiency since it will be working harder to cool your home during the hottest parts of the day.

Keep it serviced regularly or buy a new one.

Regular maintenance is another important step to increase your air conditioner’s efficiency. This should be done at least once every twelve months. A range of maintenance tasks can be performed by licensed air conditioner technicians, including cleaning the ductwork, changing filters and flushing the drains.