You Need to Know What is “Gyaru Fashion”?

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Gyaru is another popular fashion subculture in Japan. Gyaru, a Japanese word for “gal”, is basically a way to say girl or young woman in Japanese. It is a general term that can be used to refer to any aspect of it. This can be used to infer that gyaru has a lot of Western influence. Wikipedia says that it is believed to have been inspired by Baywatch, an American action drama from the 1980s, which was also shown on Japanese television. Pamela Anderson, who was a part of the show’s original cast, is believed to have created the fashion style and made it popular. Gyaru is believed to be an exaggeration of Japanese teenage party culture. This is because gyaru fashion, which is very western-oriented, goes against Japanese fashion norms. Gyarus are known for their physical attributes, such as their tanned skin and brown-colored hair.

Gyarus are known for their physical attributes, such as their tanned skin and brown-colored hair. They can be seen in Tokyo’s major areas, such as Shibuya or Harajuku. They are often seen in “gyaru circles”, where members of the same subculture socialize and interact.

Gyaru culture was born in the 1990s with the kogyaru style of fashion. This subculture of gyaru was heavily focused on schoolgirls having shorter school skirts and colored nails. Although no one knows the exact origin of this subculture, it was noticed by many people.

History and Social Expression

The gyaru style is also thought to be a rebellious expression of girls who don’t like the Japanese cultural norms of beauty and want them to change. The gyaru fashion seeks a more open society in which everyone can express their style and be beautiful without society judging them. The beauty standard in Japan is silky, pale, and white skin. The gyaru subculture hopes to eliminate that stigma to allow for more beauty expressions. This is why the gyaru are almost always associated with their tanned skins. Importantly, it is important to note that being a member of the gyaru community means you must tan your skin all the time. This is why most people who identify themselves as gyaru tend to be wealthy kids who are trying to challenge the social norms. They do this to help those less fortunate in fashion and beauty. It is common for people with tanned skin to be associated with people from lower social classes in Japan. This is because they are more likely to work in the sun for longer periods of time so it is not unusual for them to have tanned faces. The problem is that Japanese beauty standards require that a person be beautiful or handsome and have a pale complexion. This is similar to porcelain. The gyarus have been consistently tanning their skin to challenge this established standard.

Fashion industry responded to the new demand created by the rise of the gyaru cultural movement in the 1990s. Since then, fashion magazines have been focusing on the gyaru culture and subcultures. Egg Magazine is one of the most well-known magazines in gyaru fashion. Even though the birth of fashion brands was centered on gyaru fashion initially, most businesses today are focused on other niches.

Modern Gyaru Fashion

Gyaru was very popular when it was first created. However, the fashion and aesthetic of gyaru is rapidly declining. It is not known what the reason for this decline is. According to Tokyo Fashion, one reason could be globalization. This has allowed international fashion brands selling cheap clothing to gain access into Tokyo’s fashion districts. Gyaru fashion can be very expensive so these fast fashion brands brought new fashion to Japan. These brands are fashionable and can be described as the peak in western fashion. This is because there was no need to spend a lot of money on clothing for those who want to get into subculture fashion. Some gyaru-focused businesses are being forced to close due to decreasing demand. There are still a few gyaru-oriented businesses today, but they are not as numerous as in the past.

Because there are fewer Gyaru businesses in modern times, it makes it harder for new fans to experience the aesthetic. The gyaru style is changing, however, with Neo Gyaru where the gyaru look is becoming more mainstream. You will most likely only be able recognize a Gyaru by the makeup they use. The gyaru’s distinguishing feature is their tanned skin. However, they are evolving to accept the beauty standards of pale, white skin.