Five Simple Ways to Make “Fashion Statement”

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Fashion is a place where anything is possible. People are always trying to make a fashion statement and stand out from the rest. While we all strive to be the trendsetters and early adopters, it is important to take a relaxed approach when styling yourself. This is where fashion stars really shine. Armani Exchange has partnered me to share some styling tips that will make you stand out in fashion.

1. Fit/Cut Denim Flare Dress: This dress is both flattering and charming. Wearing pieces that highlight your body and emphasize your features is key to making a fashion statement. Fit-and-flare dresses work for all shapes and sizes, I promise! This style is great if you find it in a unique textile like denim or a vibrant print. This Armani Exchange style is my favorite because it finishes at my ankles, giving it an elegant look. My look was for Sunday at the farmers market. I wore summer wedges and a straw backpack.

2. Color: White Dress: The little white dress is a great choice in a sea of little black gowns, also known as the LBD. All eyes will be on you if you make a simple color change from black to white. An Armani Exchange white embroidered shiftdress with a collar was my choice. It is both classic and sophisticated. The look was simple, with only a few accessories and a few marble studs.

3. (Trendy take of classics) Short set: I find that drawing inspiration from the past can be a great way for your wardrobe to stand out. The 1950s saw the rise of the matching short set. Although many people wouldn’t consider wearing one, the style is timeless and still very popular today. This Armani Exchange short set in modernized Armani Exchange is great! This set was styled with chunky-heeled sandals, and a straw cap for extra flair.

4. Boyfriend Jeans: This is an unexpected twist. You might think of boyfriend jeans as more masculine or androgynous. But fashion can be used in so many ways. I took my boyfriend jeans and gave them a feminine twist by pairing them with a delicate white blouse and light pink accessories. You can think outside the box and pair a feminine piece such as a full skirt with a leather jacket to make it more edgy. Unexpected twists will make a lasting impression.

5. Confidence: Whether you are wearing denim on denim or a flowy dress, confidence is key to fashion success. You can wear what you want and be bold by expressing your individual style.


Fashion may appear to be nothing more than people walking around in fancy clothes. When you really think about it, fashion is always at the forefront of communicating something larger. People are more determined than ever to make a difference and stand out from the crowd. While many would argue that fashion is open to all, there are always limits. For example, you can make a fashion statement or look terrible.

Anyone who wants to stand out and be an early adopter should understand that effortless dressing is key. We have compiled a list that will help you make a fashion statement. Learn how to style yourself with ease and shine like a fashion star.

  • Mix and match styles

Fashion is about flexibility. There is no better way than to mix and match different styles to create a new look. You can pair a black jacket with a pastel skirt or a structured short with the suit. You will create a bold statement outfit that is unexpectedly different because you combine various styles.

  • Spread awareness with Slogan Tees and Shirts

It’s a great way to raise awareness wherever you go by wearing printed words on your clothes. Although you cannot communicate with everyone, you can easily share your thoughts with others by wearing a well-presented message on clothing. There are many slogan t-shirts and shirts available. You can make a statement with a subtle text shirt or one that is louder than the rest. It’s a great way to start conversations by sharing your opinion or that of someone else on your shirt. It will also give you the opportunity to educate and inform others about sensitive topics. The slogan tee can be dressed up with anything from jeans and sneakers to heels and even a dress.

  • In A Sea of LBDs – Wear White

While the classic little black dress is timeless and a popular choice, if you want to make an impact at your next cocktail party, consider going white. You can easily switch from traditional black to sophisticated white and everyone will notice you. White is a great color for all seasons. A white dress will make your look elegant and chic. You can either keep the look simple with no accessories or make it bolder. Enjoy wearing your outfit with confidence.

Accessorizing can really make a difference fashion statement

Accessorizing your outfit can make all the difference in styling. Accessorizing has evolved over the years. The key to choosing the right accessory is how it makes you feel. An accessory should accompany a statement outfit. Even if your outfit is a simple white tee and jeans, accessories can make it more interesting. No matter if you’re wearing a necklace or earrings, the career statement piece that makes your outfit stand out can make a big difference in how it looks. Take the classic little black dress as an example. It can be transformed by the way you style it. You can make it elegant or business casual in seconds if you combine it with the right accessories.

Wear Your Sunglasses Whenever You Get A Chance

We have already talked about accessories being key to creating a statement look. Sun shades are a great accessory that makes a fashion statement. Even though you might not be able wear sunglasses everywhere, you should make sure that you are wearing them with style. Sunnies can be a great addition to any outfit. They are also useful. It’s always a good idea to keep them in your bag, as you never know what you might need. You can mix and match shades with different outfits by choosing the right shade for you.

Find brands that support the same causes you do

It is impossible to ignore the direction the fashion industry is heading today, or the way clothing brands are helping to promote inclusion and awareness among communities. Brands are being encouraged to do more than just serve their business interests and become advocates. This is what the new generation of consumers sees. There is no better statement outfit than one that is made from pieces purchased at brands that support the same causes as you do. Fashion is a way for consumers to support diversity, inclusion and youth empowerment skills.

Fashion is Art – and Art Can Speak Volumes fashion statement

Fashion statements don’t have to be about flashy clothes, expensive clothes, or unusual colors. You can tell so much about yourself by what you wear, so it’s important to know that there are many ways to create a style. You can choose to wear a monochrome or minimalistic outfit, or mix and match patterns. Your outfit should reflect how you feel, and the energy that you wish to transmit through it. You can make an iconic style statement with the pieces that make you feel authentic.