How to Get A Job While Still in School

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The switch from school to work can be a scary, anxiety-ridden time. After all, you’ve just left the security and comfort of school for the real world and it can be tough to find the right job, right away. The trick is to get a job while you’re already in school, but this is easier said than done. Read on to find the four steps to landing a job before you even leave school, for a smooth and easy transition.

1. Allot Enough Time

One of the hardest things while in school and job hunting is finding enough time. The job
search can be quite time consuming, between creating a resume, researching jobs, preparing for interviews, and everything else that comes along with the territory. Your best bet for success is to keep yourself organized by creating a checklist of tasks and allotting the time required for each. For example, knowing interview preparation will take you three hours and scheduling that time into your calendar will help you keep on track without slipping in school.
Using reputable resume writing services can significantly help cut down on the time you’d have to spend creating a resume, which can be quite tough. Plus, you’ll end up with a more professional and effective resume that could land you a job even faster.

2. Use Your Network

Sifting through the available job opportunities can take a ton of time you don’t necessarily have. Using your personal network can be a huge help, especially since your chances of getting hired are significantly higher if you know an existing employee. Being in school gives you a huge opportunity to increase your network (there’s never a shortage of wine and cheeses!), so take advantage of that while you can to maximize your chances of getting a job referral.

3. Narrow Your Search

If your network doesn’t pan out, you can still go through job sites to find opportunities, but this can again be quite time consuming. While you have the luxury of not needing a job immediately, it can be helpful to narrow down your search and make a list of places you’d ideally like to work most. Then, research the contact information of the manager and reach out directly, even if there isn’t a job posting. LinkedIn, Google, and even the company’s website can help you find out their contact information. This approach not only shows the
manager that you’re a go-getter, but it also increases the likelihood that you’ll get a job that you actually want.

4. Prepare for Interview

Preparing thoroughly for the interview is crucial (luckily, your study skills are probably on point!). You should know everything about the company and as much as possible about the role. If possible, practice on a friend as many times as they’ll let you to make sure your words flow easily and that you have time to fix anything that seems underprepared. After the interview, don’t forget to send a follow up thank you! This classic touch can make you memorable to the hiring manager, so it’s always worth the added effort.

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