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He was the antagonist and major recurring character in the sixth season’s Vampire Diaries. In the eighth season, he is a recurring character. Kai Parker was Joshua Parker’s son and Josette Parker’s twin brother. He also served as the older brother to Joey, Lucas, Josette and three other unnamed Parker siblings who died. His true nature as Siphoner in his adolescence led his family to treat him badly and call him an “abomination”. This, among other things, made him a sociopath.

He was captured in prison by Damon Salvatore, Bonnie Bennett and his first time. Kai Parker formed an alliance against Damon Salvatore and Bonnie to escape the parallel dimension and return home.

After Bonnie gave up her escape chance in order to make Damon return to the real world, Kai Parker and Bonnie became the last two in david chang metaphysical prison. He and Bonnie tried to escape from the prison, but Bonnie kept her magic and sent it back to her real world. Kai took Bonnie to Portland, Oregon and made her a Thanksgiving dinner. He later betrayed Bonnie and took the knife that his sister had stored, stabbing Bonnie in her stomach to get her Bennett blood.

Kai was released from 1994 prison. He then made it a point of antagonizing the Mystic Falls Gang as he tried to kill his siblings and merge with Jo. His younger brother Luke tried to merge with him in Prayer for the Dying. Kai eventually overpowered Luke and absorbed all of Luke’s magic, as well as his ability create and retain his own magic during the merge. Luke’s essence merged with Kai shortly after. This allowed david harbour to become less evil and allow him to work briefly with the Mystic Falls Gang. Bonnie, still grudgeful about him for the torture she had endured, left him behind in 1903 prison with the Heretics. These Heretics were a group of exile Siphoner Siphoners from the Gemini Coven who had been transformed into witch-vampire hybrids sometime in the 19th century.

Season Six’s finale, I’m Thinking of You All The While, Kai escapes the 1903 Prison World together with the Heretics. He cloaks their location from Lily in return for her blood so that they can also turn him into a hybrid. To avoid competition for the leadership of the Gemini Coven, he killed Jo and her twins, it seems. Kai killed his father and all the other coven members and decimated the Gemini Coven. Kai Parker woke up, transformed into a witch-vampire hybrid and was killed by Damon Salvatore shortly after. This was in revenge for putting Elena in a mystical sleep until Bonnie died.

Kai Parker temporarily 

Becomes able to escape Hell through the sound of the Maxwell bell in What Are You? Kai tried to make a deal with Cade to stay in the living world, and he succeeded by giving Elena’s coffin. Later, he tried to kill the Gemini witches remaining, his nieces Lizzie Saltzman and Josie Saltzman. He was eventually banished from the new 2018 Prison World, where he was held by Bonnie, Lizzie and Josie.

Malachai, the oldest son of Joshua Parker (and twin brother to Jo) was born in Portland in 1972. His family shunned him as a siphoner and even revealed to Caroline that he was not allowed to touch anyone. Jo and Kai Parker were twins in the Gemini Coven. They were to merge. Joshua was certain that david cassidy would win the merge due to his powers and that Kai couldn’t lead the coven. Joshua and his wife continued to have children until the birth of Liv and Luke.

He realized this and decided to merge with Jo on May 9, 1994. Jo was stabbed by him with a hunting knife as he chased his siblings. Jo managed to cover the twins in order to protect them and promised to merge with him as long as Liv or Luke lived. She had given up her magic and the coven used the power of a sun eclipse to lock him in purgatory dimensions for his crimes. He was kept in a snapshot of the day he was imprisoned.

Kai attempted suicide several times in the Prison World. Each attempt was unsuccessful. Kai realized it was part his punishment. The Gemini Coven provided a safeguard to ensure Kai did not end his eternal prison sentence too early.

Welcome to Paradise is about Kai, who after spending some time watching Damon Salvatore in prison and Bonnie Bennett in the Prison World, made his presence known to them at Bell’s Market, in the otherworldly Mystic Falls. Damon met Kai after a fight with Bonnie. Damon became frustrated with Kai’s patience, and began attacking him. Kai managed to calm Damon down and convince him to drink bourbon with vervain. Damon continued his fight and Kai Parker attacked Damon with a whole shelf of Bourbon. He smashed it all on Damon and then told him that he didn’t know which bottle he would be drinking so he added vervain to every one of them. Damon was unable to resist Kai’s attacks due to vervain. Kai quickly set up a stakeout from broken patio furniture, and then stabbed Damon in his hand with the intent of eventually killing him.

Bonnie arrived finally and demanded that Kai Parker leave Damon. Kai quickly brought up his inability to use magic and said that he had been following them for months, including their fights, and her failure to regain control of her powers. Bonnie managed to restore her magic by lighting an nearby candle, just as he was about to stake Damon. She realized she could do witchcraft again and told Damon to run. Then she lit all the bourbon on fire and created two flames around Kai. Kai Parker tried calm Bonnie down but Damon came behind her and knocked him unconscious with another piece patio furniture. They held him at Salvatore Boarding House and began to question him about why he wanted Damon to die. After revealing that he did it only to trigger Bonnie’s magical powers again, he finally admitted the most important fact: Bonnie’s magic was what allowed them to escape from their dimension and return to the real world.

Kai was still Damon and Bonnie’s prisoner in Black Hole Sun. Damon questioned Kai about why Damon believed that the day in Dimension they were forced into reliving over and over again was Damon’s personal hell. Damon wouldn’t tell Kai, but Kai explained that Bonnie was only one factor in their escape and Damon could have other reasons to hate this day. Damon then told Kai what had happened May 10, 1994. Kai fell asleep while Damon told them the story and mocked Damon’s killing of a pregnant woman that day. Damon threatened Kai with death if Kai didn’t explain how they would escape their world. Kai explained to Damon that they would have to harness the power the daily eclipses using a magical relic called an “Ascendant” and that the last time one was seen in the Pacific North-West Oregon. He explained that the locator spell was only needed by Bonnie and that it belonged to his family. Kai asked Bonnie to try again after the locator spell failed. It worked and revealed that the Ascendant had been found in Mystic Falls. Kai was amused and pulled the device out of his pocket. He had been trying Bonnie’s magic to see if she was ready to use the escape spell.

Kai searched for the best spot to channel the power from the eclipse, and found the exact location. Bonnie found a newspaper reporting that a family had been murdered and that the oldest Malachai was missing. Bonnie was talking to Damon about the article when Kai heard him confess that he was the Malachai. He explained that he had killed most of his siblings in Coven and that he only ripped out his sister’s spleen as he had a “soft spot” towards her. He revealed his sociopathic side while reminiscing about that horrible slaughter with no remorse and apparent glee. Bonnie and Damon thought he was a Witch. Kai, however, explained that he was not a witch and that the Gemini Coven banished him to the dimension. This was his prison, his personal hell, and a snapshot from the day he was sent away. Bonnie was unable to cast the spell because she knew how dangerous Kai was. She didn’t want to see a murderer like him return to the real world. Kai responded that they would be able to return home to their friends, and david crosby could kill the remaining members of the coven that had trapped him there. He saw it as a win-win situation. Bonnie was then threatened by Damon, who moved to protect Bonnie. Kai saw the eclipse had ended and decided to give up. He wanted to try again tomorrow, but Bonnie was there.

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