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Although lemons and limes might not be what you would certainly choose for an afternoon treat, we consider them as powerhouses when we intend to draw out the taste of other foods. While both are offered throughout the year, lemons are in the optimal of their season around May, June and August while limes go to their optimal from May via October.

Lemons are oblong fit and include a yellow, texturized external peel. Like other citrus fruits, their inner flesh is encased in eight to ten segments.

Usually smaller than lemons, limes are oval or round in shape having a size of one to 2 inches with environment-friendly flesh as well as skin. They can be either sour or pleasant depending on the selection; nevertheless, wonderful limes are not conveniently available in the USA. Sour limes include citric acid giving them an acidic and also tart taste, while pleasant limes do not have citric acid and also are sweeter in flavor.

This chart graphically information the %DV that a serving of Lemon/Limes offers each of the nutrients of which it is a excellent, excellent, or outstanding source according to our Food Rating System. Extra info concerning the quantity of these nutrients offered by Lemon/Limes can be found in the Food Ranking System Graph. A web link that takes you to the In-Depth Nutritional Profile for Lemon/Limes, featuring info over 80 nutrients, can be located under the Food Ranking System Chart.

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Limes are grown on trees that thrive in exotic as well as subtropical environments. They were thought to come from Southeast Asia. Arab investors brought lime trees back from their journey to Asia and also introduced them into Egypt as well as Northern Africa around the 10th century. The Arabian Moors brought them to Spain in the 13th century and afterwards, like many fruits, they were spread out throughout southern Europe throughout the Crusades.

Limes made their way to the New World with Columbus on his second voyage in 1493, and were ultimately planted in several Caribbean nations whose warm, damp environments sustained the growing of this fruit. Centuries later, British explorers and traders, that were conveniently utilizing the vitamin C-rich limes that grew in their West Indies colonies to prevent scurvy, gained the nickname “limey,” a word that is frequently still used colloquially for individuals of British descent.

The intro of limes to the USA began in the 16th century when Spanish Explorers brought the West Indies lime to the Florida Keys, starting the introduction of Trick limes. In the list below century, Spanish missionaries attempted to plant lime trees in California, but the environment did not support their development. In excellent demand by the miners and also travelers during the California Gold Rush as a fruit that was known to avoid scurvy, limes began to be imported from Tahiti and Mexico at this time in the mid-19th century. Today, Brazil, Mexico as well as the United States are amongst the leading business manufacturers of limes.

How to Enjoy


A Few Quick Serving Ideas

shoelace thinly cut lemons, peel and all, beneath and also around fish before food preparation. Cooking or broiling will soften the pieces so that they can be consumed in addition to the fish.

Integrate lemon juice with olive or flax oil, fresh crushed garlic as well as pepper to make a light and also refreshing salad clothing.

If you are enjoying your salt intake (and even if you are not), serve lemon wedges with dishes as their tartness makes a great salt substitute.

Combine freshly squeezed lime juice, evaporated cane juice and either ordinary or sparkling water to make limeade.


Include an-easy-to-prepare zing to dinner tonight by throwing experienced prepared wild rice with garden peas, poultry items, scallions, pumpkin seeds, lime juice as well as lime zest.

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