Mars Retrograde Meaning

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This is a time of high energy. Mars will enter Retrograde on September 9th and will stay there until November 13th to teach us important lessons we have not learned so far.

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The whole time can be frustrating and tiring. To overcome any challenges, four signs are essential.

Retrograde Mars is usually associated with strong emotions, such as anger, ambition, and passion. Many of us will feel overwhelmed prior to taking any action.

These are the signs of trees that will be most affected by Mars Retrograde.


Mars is the planet that governs you sign. You will feel its energy more than anyone else. This can cause extreme exhaustion, and even lack of motivation.

It is possible to be unclear about your future goals. It is important to relax, let go and allow the Universe to play its cards. Focus on your immediate needs, and don’t worry about the future.

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Your life is only as good as your social connections. Retrograde Mars can make it difficult to build any type of connection with your friends and family.

Learn to let go. This is the best thing you can learn during this time. Accept that you cannot control certain events and that people around you may be indifferent at times. Instead, you should be focusing on yourself and your relationship to yourself. Find your true happiness and rediscover who you are.

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Are you prepared for a confusing time? In the next few weeks, you may feel like you have complete control over your life. Before you make any unanticipated decisions, it is important to think carefully.

Meditation is a great way to connect with your inner Self. You can listen to your thoughts more so you can make concrete steps toward a better, more beautiful future.

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Mars Retrograde could reveal old resentments. You may feel like you need to go back to the past and give up on everything. Be patient and pay attention to the good things in your life. You may feel disappointed in your relationships with others.