Signs You Need Commercial AC Repairs

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Are you unhappy with the air quality of your commercial building? Maybe your employees are complaining of congestion or a cough. Perhaps you’ve noticed unusual noises in your AC system and don’t know if it is normal or a sign of a malfunction. Are you in search of a trusted singapore aircon servicing? We offer professional aircon service Singapore with professional technicians who have many years of experience working in the air-con business. We also provide various services like repair, chemical cleaning, maintenance and installation. We’re sure you’ll be satisfied when we meet your requirements for air conditioners in Singapore.

Air conditioners for commercial use are complicated pieces of technology. Aircon of Singapore can help you if something goes wrong. Our HVAC technicians are skilled in installing, maintaining and repairing residential and commercial HVAC systems. You should call us immediately if you have any of these problems in your business or office.

1. Strange Smells from the Vents
Are you or your employees noticing strange odors coming from your vents? Your vents could be smelling musty or burnt plastic. It could be a sign that your AC unit is not working properly. Your employees may feel unwell and uncomfortable. Poor air quality and ventilation should not be a reason for your employees’ health. For commercial air conditioning repairs, contact your local Aircon of Singapore if you see the following:

Burnt or arid smells
Metal, chemical, and burnt smells can indicate that wires are melting, short-circuiting or ventilation breaks have occurred. If you notice a burning smell, call an air conditioner service company immediately.

Stale or Funky Odors
Your commercial property’s air may not smell fresh or there is a lot of dust in the office. This could indicate that it’s time to replace your filters. Pests could have infested your AC systems. Your building’s vents are a perfect place for rodents and bugs. Small animals such as rats and mice can bring materials like leaves, trash bits, and waste into your HVAC system.

Musty Scents
Are your employees calling in sick more often than usual? Maybe there has been a common cold in the office. Your air conditioners might be contaminated with mold or mildew. Aircon is a professional company that specializes in indoor air quality improvement for residential and commercial clients. We provide duct cleaning and UVC and ultraviolet light installation services to kill harmful bacteria and keep your HVAC system in good condition.

2. Energy bill spike
An AC unit that is experiencing sudden increases in energy bills could be a sign of trouble. This could be due to a number of factors. The thermostat could be giving incorrect readings to your commercial air conditioner. It could be a programming issue or an electrical problem. A refrigerant leak, or clogged filter could also be causing additional strain to your system. Aircon of Singapore offers commercial air conditioning services.

3. Short-Cycling and Irregular Temperatures
An AC unit that is not working efficiently might not be able manage indoor temperatures throughout a zone. This could lead to an uncomfortable or stuffy work environment–particularly in the middle of a Texas summer. Short-cycling is also a process where your AC unit starts and stops at short, irregular intervals. If the system isn’t maintaining consistent temperatures, it’s likely that the HVAC unit is faulty. There are several reasons short-cycling may occur, including:

The wrong size
Your commercial AC unit should not be too large or small to cool your property. A unit that is too big will cool the area but then shut off too fast, so cold air doesn’t dissipate as quickly. This causes short cycling. The system will be too small to meet the cooling and heat demands.

Bad airflow
Your AC system won’t work properly if your filters are dirty. Because of obstructions in the airflow, your AC system has to work harder to cool your building. To prevent overheating, it will stop the cycle before it is complete.

Low refrigerant levels
An AC unit’s ability to work properly is dependent on the refrigerant. The system will shut down if the refrigerant levels drop below the required level.

Evaporator Coils that are dirty or frozen
You can’t expect your unit to run at its maximum capacity if you don’t invest in regular maintenance. This is due to dirt and grime building up on various parts including the evaporator coils. The coils can also freeze if there is not enough airflow. In either case, the coils can freeze if they are not able to move freely.

4. Alarming Noises
Your HVAC system will make occasional operating noises, especially when it starts up or shuts down. These are normal and not to be alarming. However, there may be other sounds that could indicate a problem and you might need conditioning repair services.

Squealing is usually a sign of a problem in the fan belt or bearings on condenser fan motor.

The unit’s clicking sound is a sign of a problem with its control panel or relay.

Rattling can indicate that part of the system is loose or debris has become lodged in the rooftop or outdoor units.

If the machine is running or starts clacking, it could be an indication of worn parts such as the belt or fan blades.

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