Why Are Aluminum Stair Nosings Preferred?

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The stair nosing used around the mid twenty century. The safe and the durable use of the stairs always been the main concern. The stair nosing which is set up on the step edge of the marble, ceramic tile or wood covers stairs in moderate building areas. And especially also used in the public areas such as schools, shopping malls, government institutions.  A lot of accidents happen going down the stairs when someone can’t pay its proper attention. Most of the accidents result in severe injuries.

Prevention from Accidents:

While the aluminum stair nosings are designed in such a way which gives the protection to the marble, stone, ceramic tile edges of the stair. It protects from the fractures. For the protective and the secure use of stone, marble, concrete or wood covers stairs different models of aluminum stair nosing are suggested. By using it the risk of fall accident reduced.

Perfectly Fitting the Stairs:

The aluminum stair nosing is a decorative feature which makes your stair more moderate. It gives the best fitted to the stairs. It gives the firm grip to the stone, marble, wood covers. It is easily installed on the stairs.

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